vcore pro 97d VS vcore 95

Hello, I was using the vcore 98 for a couple of years and I really liked the frame. Gives me good control and power but it's not great for volleying. Recently I bought the vcore pro 97d to try it out. I find it has great power and plow which I love. It's also better for volleys however I found it perhaps a little bit too heavy and demanding. I am considering trying the vcore 95 since it is a tad lighter at 315g but I'm unsure how these racquets compare in other areas. How is the plow in the VC95 for example Vs 97D? Could someone who has experience with both share their experiences and contrast the frames? For context I am mostly a baseline player who occasionally comes to the net, I don't have massive spin nor do I hit extremely flat, somewhere in the middle. I use an eastern grip. I enjoyed the VC98 a lot but could use more plow and weight. Thanks


I would consider adding a little weight to the Vcore 98 you have. I think that might work a little better if you're already a fan of that racquet.
@PRS that's a good point, I had not considered that. I was afraid of running the racquet to be honest but I think I will give it a go and see how I like it. Where would you recommend adding it and how much? Thanks


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If you’re looking for better volleys I’d just start low with 2 grams each at 3&9. (4 total)

Feel free to add 2 grams at the bottom of the buttcap to keep balance roughly the same. Lots of people don’t care for making a racquet more head heavy when it comes to volleys.

Even with these 6 grams added you’re still only at 311 unstrung vs the 320 of the d.


I agree with Curtennis, add a little at 3/9 and see how it feels. If you don't want to change the balance, then put weight in the handle to keep the original balance point.
Thanks, I did exactly that. I added 4 grams to 3 & 9 in total and 2 grams in the handle for balance. I will take it out for a spin and let you know how it goes. I have to say I am getting used to the 97d and I don't find it as demanding and sluggish as I used to. I haven't played any serious matches with it yet so it could be that. Anyways would be interesting to see how it now compares to the modified vcore 98.
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I don't think you need to try the VC95 unless you have very spinny serves as part of your serve variety or like to do short angled heavy topspin shots. I'd find a 97HD and try that out instead.
Ok I have tried the VC98 we with the added weight for a couple of practice sessions and I really liked it. I can feel it has a lot better plow and stability, specially on returns it is a joy. Volleys are better also. Of course it has became a little bit less whippy but it's a good compromise for me. I was getting used to the 97d and I have to say that one still feels the best on full swings and volleys, the comfort, feel and plow are on a different level. I will definitely be keeping that in my bag for some practices and doubles.