Will Nadal surpass Federer?

Who will have the better career between Federer and Nadal?

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Pete Prime

Who has been waiting for Djokovic and Nadal? Do you think Sampras too would have a Murray-like career in their presence?

I am a Nadal fan, but I must be honest and say the tour has never been worse than 2016-2021. Absolutely no new stars. Federer had to play 2/3 of the best players ever at their hungriest and best. He was born 5/6 years earlier than the other two. Is this difficult for you to comprehend?

You're probably one of those guys who constantly trolls, just because it's fun, but if not you're truly underestimating Federer's ability.
I was mostly trolling. I think Fed would have 10-12 slams if he grew up at the same time as Djokodal, and I still think he'd be third best. Ability wise he may be slightly ahead of them, but his mental intangibles are very weak for a tier 1 ATG, so he'd lose the big ones to them more often than not like he has in real life.

And as for Fed having to face Djokodal at their hungriest/best, I think that's karma balancing the scales after he got to feast on the Vacuum Era (imo much weaker than what we currently have, simply because now we at least have 3 ATGs whereas before we just had Fed and Nadal on one surface) for 6 years (2003-07, 09) and 14 slams.

Sunny Ali

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Nothing is a lock pal. Especially when history isn’t on his side since players don’t win a whole lot after the age 25. You should be thinking about him ever catching Sampras first.
Correction: passing Sampras was a given, the Nadal fans are simply watching to see if Nadal can pass Sampras with just his FO titles! LOL X 10,000 :-D


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Please tell us what years were your personal favorite TTW period.
Not easy.. because in the beginning it was so exciting because it was all new to me and i was kind of in love with the whole community and being able to talk to other tennis nerds, it was a blast and also so much to learn. But there was a time around 2008-2010 that was really high quality i think.