2024 Australian Open Outfits


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not sure what nike was thinking with this shirt(it looked worse on tv than in the pic)

They are cutting costs. Easy to see.

The collar is lifted straight from the US '21 zippered polos.

I don't blame them, honestly. They do 5x as much for every Slam as any other company. And with Djokovic slaying random dorks in every big Final they are likely not seeing a lot of return on their tennis investments the way they did when they had Roger, Rafa, Grigor, Masha, Serena.

They just dropped Tiger, ouch. Writing on the wall for just about every Nike athlete out there.


Coco Gauff’s yellow outfit is the best at AO 2024.
( And how great is it that it is so unique — no “me tools” hanging around ).
Fantastic job, New Balance!

This one to me is just behind Leylah Fernandez photo. Wow, two amazing photos, it was worth scrolling all over the other crappy photos.


Alcaraz outfit colours are quite good and a nod to Australia with the yellow/green
Still hate the stupid zipper on the standard Nike men's outfits

The zipper works well with the zero/u-neck but not with the polo.

However it looks better a bit unzipped. Which no player has done. Look at Tiafoe from the 2021 US to see how it can look good. But that was a plain design. I think these Polo shirts are a disaster and so glad I stocked up on last year's shirts