Alpha Accuswing 2

Just got word that Alpha will no longer be making the Accuswing 2 and has no plans to make another swingweight calculator. By the same person, I was told that Dunlop/Srixon has one like the Accuswing 2 but I can't find it. Any ideas?
Also, the Head 3 in 1...where do you get those?
I've only seen pictures of the Head but it looks pretty slick. Haven't seen anyone in the US selling these but got a quote from Apollo in the UK out of curiosity....approx. $1,400usd. I could be wrong but I think the Alpha machine is made by Unique Detect Tech Co. in Taiwan. There are several machines on the Asian market that look like they may be made by Unique (Gosen, Prince and a couple brands I've never heard of).
Gosen America claims they will resume production of its SW machine soon. When they were available they retailed for around the price point as Accuswing... ~$800. No word on when they'll be available....