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For the last 8 years have been playing with HEAD Youtek Speed Pro (white), and Youtek Graphene Speed Pro 18x20 (the first Graphene).
(100 sq.in, Strung 11.7oz, SW 324, stiffness 68, 6ptHL, 18x20 )

I would like to switch to Yonex racquet to get a little bit more on comfort, considering:

VCORE Duel G 97 (310g),

Which one of these three you would recommend me?

Thank you!


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was playing with graphene speed pro, liked the stick a lot but comfort was an issue.(elbow) Also the one I got was slightly too heavy.
Went for a journey for a replacement and improvement. Tried yonex duel g, angell tc95 18x20, yonex dr 98, blade 18x20 from 2015 and CV version, xt prestige s, graphene prestige mp, ig prestige mp.

My favourites were duel g 310, dr98, angell, blade 2015, ig prestige mp.
the closest to gsp in how the racquet moves is blade with added some weight to the handle to make it more HL. Blade is even much better. Also Angell feels similar while swinging. Blade's balance is pissing me off after a whole season with it. Found out that HL sticks are much better for me.

duel g- cool control, very fast. Its like an easier prestige mp but less stability and plow comes with it. Blade was a winner back then.
dr 98- moves totally different, like an APD. Polarized feel. Great comfort, lacked some stability, slightly bulky compared to the other racquets mentioned here.
ig prestige mp- fast,predictible but no extra magic :) blade and angell were better if we want 18x20

Still considering duel g and add some lead but waiting for an angell 16x19 tc 95 right now. If only blade had better balance.....ahh


Depends on what you like, I have never played with Head racquets:

DR98: great feel, more flex, very comfortable, great control, not the most powerful stick, meaning you trade power for feel and comfort. Great racquet if you can swing properly and hence provide your own power. I would replace the original grip and put weight at 10 and 2 (to bring the SW to 334, that's the sweet spot for me).
SV98: a bit more Pure Driveish, more power and possibly spin than the DR98, also stiffer! If you like the more modern, stiffer feel, get this one.
Duel G 330: great racquet, obviously not for lightweights. I was considering getting those instead of the DR98s but the demo racquet only came with multi. Not as spin-friendly as others but great plough-through, power and control. Fantastic from the baseline. I thought it actually swings lighter than the weight would suggest. Compared to the RF97A I thought it has a more forgiving feel and not as stiff. This should be great for people that hit a bit flatter. I'm getting one of those just for fun (once the price is right), that's how much I liked it. I'm actually going to demo it again together with the DR98+ and SV98+.


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DR98. Just switched to it myself from a Aero pro drive. There is a lot of useful info in other threads about it. At first I was looking at the Duel G 330 and SV 98. I ended up with the DR 98. Read about them, demo them and see what fits your game.


Demo the DR and the SV

DR is pretty stiff for me. Plays pretty good but needs customization for stability, and soft spin friendly strings.

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I've mostly been playing with a Youtek IG Speed MP but recently bought a DR98. I've spent about 5-6 hours with it so far, including 3 hours last night and am starting to like it. I still need to dial in my string selection and tension, this first setup has a little too much power for me. I do notice a difference in comfort between the DR98 and my Head, APD & Pure Aero.


I would also suggest demoing the ezone 98+ and think you will find a good balance of power, control and comfort. Based on what yonex claims the ezone series are more comfort oriented but more powerful and slightly stiffer than the Dr series (not Dr 100 or 100+) while vcore is stiffer and more spin oriented (like SV but not as stiff) though the specs don't clearly reflect it. I personally use the vcore duel g 330.
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