2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

To the final

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Djokovic is winning the CYGS. Zverev is the only man who could have stopped him. He's going to crush Medvedev.
As if that were ever in doubt. As soon as Thiem, Wawrinka and Nadal withdrew the CYGS was assured.

These guys never have and never will challenge Novak. Med will be violated on Sunday. Novak might send both Med and Zed into retirement.


Im giving it to Novak unless Medv chokes. Did Zverev choke? It'll be ****in* new gen vs Novak with Novak winning all the slams.. Future of tennis.
At this point I'm wondering if I should ever tune into another Djokovic match.....no matter what goes on or how many sets are played, he's going to win. He's got something super special alright. What a fortune could be made if that wondrous something could be packaged and sold! Props to Zverev, though. He played a great match, but not great enough.


This is bad for our sport. When the leading contender is bagelled in the final set.

How can a 24 yr old get schooled by a 11 yr older guy repeatedly. And get tired before he does.

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Nadal was injured on and off from 2014-17. He was virtually absent from the tour.

All Novak had was a 34 year old Federer and Cilic/Nishikori.
Didnt roger win 3 slams afterwards? Stop you making excuses . Can forget that choke job with break points in that 2015 us open final.


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For just 5 minutes i would like to be Nadal, only to experience the disdain he must feel watching these guys give up - time and time again.. oh the horror


I kid you not, xfinity tennis channel stopped broadcasting the match some 15 minutes ago for some interview!


And Djokovic didn’t hit elite level til 23. All are excuses but one is 34 and the other is 35. They have played all the same competition
Are you saying that Nadal wasn’t absent for months on end during 2014-16?

Novak’s primary competition was a 34-35 year old Federer. Neither nadal or Fed benefited with a similar lacklustre tour.
Med won't beat Djokovic. Med is playing at 75% of his best , and this Djokovic would be tough for his 100%.

The biggest thing is, this match could have been over in 4 with a Z victory given how much chances Z was creating in early 3rd set. But the difference between that and this is Djokovic's will and tactical superiority.


Freaking next gen....freaking pathetic! Hope Zverev never wins a slam....ever!
Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if he never did. He just gets absurdly tight at the business end of grand slams. Maybe he’ll correct that at some point, but he wouldn’t be the first guy whose mental strength kept him from bagging a slam trophy.
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How then do you accept the possibility that you believe in a falsehood and are thus one of the many voices welcoming tennis deterioration. This should bother you.