Which player had the biggest set of tactical options and tools in history?

It's hard to compare such things when so much has changed over the years - racket technology, strings, surfaces and consequently, the style of game dominant at various times.

A combination of serving, baseline + net skills would make for the complete player, along with athletic prowess and great tennis IQ. Add mental strength, consistency, reflex/creative shots for the final X factor.

If I were to pick just one player who has it all to make best overall combination we've seen (although he might not be the best in each category by itself), I would say - Roger Federer

And what further proof than his career success on various surfaces and against all kinds of players!
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Murray comes to mind when I think of players that have the ability to “solve” players by employing various tools. Nothing in his game is extremely compelling on its own but he had a very unique ability to sink his teeth into an opponent and attack their weaknesses.