2023 Wimbledon R4: Novak Djokovic vs. Hubert Hurkacz

Who wins?

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Novak is the biggest beast in men's tennis. With this serving no one in the current ATP could have beaten HH. But Novak handled him easily in 4 sets.


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And he shows how absurdly great someone has to serve to trouble him here. Because even in one of the best service performances ever for 3.5 sets the slightest drop of level for one single game will give him the break if he needs it.
Except if Hubi had a county level forehand he would have been 2 sets up before they came out today.


Wow i am so relieved as i thought he was in real trouble today.

As long as he can recover for tomorrow he is not going to face anyone else in tournament who will serve him off the court like that.

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What a pathetic 4th Set. I bet Hurk will be proud of it though. He's never been a winner, and never will be....


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Another impressive Wimbledon win against brilliant serving performance (alongside Anderson '15, Federer '19, Kyrgios '22).